The Restoration Process

The damaging effects of weather to unprotected wood are easily recognizable. Moisture is quickly absorbed by unprotected wood causing it to swell. The sun's heat causes drying, which makes the wood shrink. These cycles of wet and dry,swelling and shrinking, cause wood to warp, split, cup and crack - all of which lead to shortened wood life and expensive repairs and replacement. Having your wood cleaned and sealed/stained can double the life of your wood and make your decks & fences look like new again.

The Steps To Restoration

  1. If you live in the Fargo/Moorhead area we will provide a free evaluation of your wood to determine if it is restorable. In some cases the wood has deteriorated too badly to be restored. If the wood is restorable, we provide a free estimate explaining all the work to be done.

  2. We begin by removing the old sealer/stain with a stripping solution. Our process is environmentally friendly and will not harm your pets, plants or grass.

  3. Next, we gently wash your wood with a power washer using low pressure. We do not use high pressure because that will damage your wood.

  4. The wood is then treated with a neutralizing agent that will brighten the wood and prepare it for our sealer/stain.

  5. The wood must then dry (several days, depending on the weather) to a moisture content of 12% or less. We have sophisticated moisture meters to electronically read the moisture in the wood to insure the wood is dry enough to allow the sealer/stain to bond properly.

  6. We then seal/stain your wood by hand (we do not use sprayers) with a penetrating oil based semi-transparent sealer/stain that will never crack or peel. The sealer/stain protects your wood from the sun’s harmful UV rays, resists algae and moss, and repels water.

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